Selling vs. Allowing to Invest – A Difference in Perspective

Have you ever had an experience in your life that was transformational and ultimately changed your trajectory? I have. Sometimes these have been significant events. Sometimes, something seemingly minor at the time ends up causing a major change in my perspective.

One of these occurred in my early twenties, the first time I purchased auto insurance. I was asked one question – my age. I was then given a list of what I needed in my policy. When I asked for clarification, I was given answers that were confusing, with a tone that implied I shouldn’t be asking, and they didn’t help me understand. Thinking I was being responsible, I even got quotes from multiple companies. Each company used different words and said their policies couldn’t be compared – furthering my confusion and discomfort. I never felt good about my policy and felt strongly I was not properly covered.

I realized I had been sold insurance but had not been prepared to invest in the best coverage for my needs and feel good about my decision. That experience has stayed with me vividly. I vowed I would try to both never to be in that position again or ever put anyone else in that position.

When I became a sales representative, other than the title on my business card, I didn’t call what I did ‘sales‘. I explained to my prospects my goal and my responsibility were to prepare them to invest in the solution that supported their success and the success of their organization.

I continuously focused on asking questions to understand the needs of each individual at every level of the organization we were working with. What was strategic to the CEO became tactical to the President. What was strategic to the President became tactical to the Vice Presidents. This continued through each organizational level. When we presented our solutions, we helped the entire team clearly understand how the success of each individual was aligned with the success of the rest of the team and how this positively impacted the success of the organization as a whole. We prepared them to invest in a relationship and solution – with each other and with us – that added value to their success.

Should I remain surprised today that even with technology to simplify our communication, speed our access to data, and provide robust solutions, so few have the perspective and focus of wanting to helping prepare people to invest in solutions where each individual clearly understands the value of their success to the success of their team and their organization?

Preparing people to invest vs. selling is neither a new or original concept, it’s just an unnecessarily underutilized concept. In fact, when entering the terms into search engines, there are no relevant responses!

Whether what you offer is to an individual or for an organization, whether it is a product or service, whether the price you place on it is under one dollar or millions, when your mindset and perspective are focused on preparing your client to invest in you, your actions will create the experience that delivers success and satisfaction to everyone.

Quit Selling – improve your value and success through preparing others to invest in you and what you offer!


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