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Stuck where you are?


Uncertain about what’s next for you?


Ready to be your greatest leading yourself and others?


Are you a caregiver feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?

I invite you into the consideration of new perspectives that give you permission to step into who you’re meant to be. Reveal your uniquely greatest talents, skills and abilities. Know how to move intentionally from where you are to something even more amazing – often something you hadn’t realized was possible.
The Caregivers Journey
When I became intentional about my caregiving journey, I saw it as a journey with 5 overlapping phases and began using it successfully in my caregiving journeys. It’s had an incredibly positive impact on my life, my ability to care for my loved ones, and the ability of my care support partners as we care for my loved ones.

I’m often asked how I stay so positive and balanced through all the experiences in my caregiving journey. I decided to create the program that shares the entire caregiving journey with you – from what we wish we’d known before becoming – and in the early days of becoming – a caregiver, through our caregiving journey, to moving forward in our lives after grieving the loss of our loved one.

This became The Caregiver’s Journey program.

Here’s a brief introduction to each of the 5 overlapping phases:

The Caregiver’s Primer™:

The Caregiver’s Primer™ introduces ways to prepare physically, emotionally, psychologically, and relationally for both our journey ahead and the very beginning of our caregiving journey.

The Journey Begins With Me:

Understanding ourselves in a meaningful way helps us harness the potential and power of our personalities, beliefs, values and purpose, so they support – not sabotage – us in our caregiving journey.

5 Steps to Confidently Navigate Your Caregiving Journey:

When we become caregivers, we instantly go from not knowing either about being a caregiver or our care receiver’s diagnosis, to wanting a Ph.D. – in both! This phase is the “user manual” for navigating our roles, responsibilities, and experiences during our caregiving journey so we, our care receiver, and those around us have our most positive and supported journeys.

The Grace of Grief™:

We grieve during our caregiving journey and after our loved one is gone. Learn how to feel grief purely and understand its purpose in our lives. Use the insights of our grief to support us moving forward in our lives and living our purpose.

Moving Forward:

We intentionally make choices during our caregiving journey that shift how we live our lives. When our journey is through it’s sometimes hard for us to give ourselves permission to move forward from them – or to know what we want. Learn to reawaken and/or recreate ourselves as we move forward.
Sue’s practical advice got me through the darkest days of my husband’s journey with Alzheimer’s.

I kept repeating ‘massive acceptance’ and eventually I was able to stop struggling with helplessness and anger. I was finally able to enjoy precious moments in our journey. My healing had begun.

S. D.

Falmouth, MA

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