The A,B,C’s of Conscious Choice

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Life

When we were born we didn’t know how to use a spoon, read, say thank you, add numbers, drive a car. We were taught these – and many other things. We practiced and practiced, were told over and over, practiced more, and learned them.

These and more than 90% of what we do became unconscious to us. We do them automatically – without conscious thought.

More than 90% of what we do on a daily basis is highly unconscious to us.

We can change any of these and all things we’ve learned that have become unconscious to us.

We’re at choice. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we are. Because we go so quickly to what is automatic – our unconscious programming – we don’t realize it.

We can rethink and reprogram ourselves.

We can update our thoughts, feelings and actions so we live the lives we imagine, living through choices that serve us.

Here’s a way to raise things to our awareness so we can decide if we want to keep something the same or change to what serves us now.

A – Awareness/Acceptance.

Become aware of something you do. Observe it as though you’re a disinterested third party. Accept it without judgement – it’s not right or wrong, good or bad, it just is.

B – Breathe.

Breathe deeply several times. The slows down your automatic response, helps ground you, breaks your unconscious behavior, and gives you space to choose what you prefer.

C – Choose.

You’re at choice. We don’t think we are when our unconscious mind is doing what it’s been programmed to do. When we become aware, take a deep breath to break our unconscious pattern, observe it for what it is, and accept it without judgement, we have access to potential and possibilities. We’re able to choose what serves us today.

S – Speak.

Say what you want out loud. Hear yourself. Say it over and over – you may also want to write it down. How did you practice when you were creating your other unconscious patterns? As you practice, you may refine your choice a few times until you’ve got it just the way you want it now. As you’ve done with other things that are now automatic – unconscious to you – this will eventually become automatic too.

We’re never too old to practice our A,B,C’s!


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