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Before You Start With Why, Start With Who – You!

What’s the #1 Thing Holding You Back From Knowing What’s Missing in Your Life? Have you ever felt like you’re not really operating in your zone, at your peak performance? You’re working hard, you’re successful, and yet at the end of the day you don’t really feel...


Are You A Self-Identified Caregiver? In the past month, the issue of people who don’t self-identify as a caregiver has come up multiple times. Yesterday’s experience was really powerful and, as I was going through it with someone, I realized how important it is to...

Walk a mile in their shoes

It can be challenging to know how to be supportive of someone without knowing what they’re experiencing or feeling. This includes people who have received a dementia diagnosis – and those who love them.

Have you ever heard the expression: “Walk a mile in my shoes”? It is used to increase the understanding of what someone is going through, so compassion and empathy can be developed for them – without judgment of them.

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10 Questions to Eliminate What's Missing in Your Life
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10 Questions to Eliminate What's Missing in Your Life

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