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I teach individuals who feel stuck or uncertain to know who they are, know what they really want, and successfully get from where they are to where they KNOW they want to be.



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Each of us is a treasure in our world. When we know the gifts of our treasure, we transform our world by sharing them. One of my gifts is to help you find yours because someone is waiting on you for the limitless possibilities of the gifts only you can share. Not why you, but why not you?

~ Sue Ryan
I invite you into the consideration of new perspectives that give you permission to step into who you’re meant to be. I teach you to reveal your uniquely greatest talents, skills and abilities, and know how to get from where you are to where you KNOW you want to be feeling great about yourself and satisfied with your success.
Sue Ryan Solutions

Successfully Navigate Transitions

Get from Where You Are to Where You KNOW You Want to Be

We’re continuously in transitions – the process of going from where we are to what’s next in our lives. Whether we’re choosing the change – or the change is happening to us – knowing how to successfully navigate our transitions means the difference between ending up somewhere we may not want to be and arriving confidently where we KNOW we want to be.

I'm Here - I Want To Be Here
Sue Ryan with client

Replace Uncertainty, Struggle, and Avoidance with Clarity, Confidence, and Exploration.

You’ll understand yourself in a meaningful way.
You’ll clarify your unique talents, skills, and abilities.
You’ll determine what you really want.
You’ll know how to successfully navigate your transition from where you are to where you KNOW you want to be.
Steve and Sue TPZ
The Prodigy Zone

The Prodigy Zone™

Each of us is a prodigy, endowed with uniquely great talents, skills and abilities. Many of us have gone through our lives without discovering ours, thinking we don’t have exceptional talents, skills and abilities, or allowing someone else make us believe we don’t have them. These just aren’t true! Each of us IS a prodigy – many of us are undiscovered. Discover YOUR unique prodigy. Learn to thrive in and lead successfully from your prodigy zone, feeling great about yourself and satisfied with your success.

The Journey of Love

5 Steps to Positively Navigate Your Caregiving Journey

Move your caregiving journey from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to feeling positive and balanced. Whether you’re the primary caregiver, the care receiver, a leader who has team members navigating roles of caregiving, family members navigating providing support of loved ones, or friends who care, as your positive caregiving support mentor I share stories, tips, lessons and strategies I’ve learned in more than thirty years in roles of caregiving support. Based on the International Best-Selling book Our Journey of Love 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey, I share with you what has – and hasn’t worked, so you and your care receiver have your most positive journeys of love.

The man of my dreams
Interested in Hands-On Workshops?Whether virtual or in-person, each workshop is customized to your unique requirements for success.
Sue has been a superb business strategist for my start-up company in the fashion business. She understood my needs of the business and was able to integrate, guide & direct me professionally with creative ideas using cutting edge social media and digital solutions. Sue is a uniquely optimistic and passionate woman who has insightful comments and ideas for any question. Sue has been a tremendous positive force to help catapult my business to the next level.
Tish Grosek

Founder and CEO , Wrapit By Tish

Sue is a dynamic, high-energy sales executive that excels at developing a deep relationship with her customers and becoming a student of their business. As such, her personality and knowledge of the customer gives her the unique ability to quickly become a trusted advisor and she in turn is able to use this to generate significant new business opportunities for the company. She is a pleasure to work with and will always be one of the most productive and responsible members of a team.
Robin Smith

Vice President, Infosys Finacle

I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Sue to our community and speaking with our population on the topics of caregiving and navigating physical and cognitive changes. Sue speaks with authority, is non-judgmental, and compassionate to the experiences of others. Several of our residents approached me after Sue has spoken and told me how much they loved Sue and the message she brought to them.
Christine Douangsouri

Social Services Manager, Bentley Village

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